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We challenge the image of a 'Gentleman'. A gentleman is not made by wearing a suit and tie everywhere.

Rather, he is made in those everyday moments in the daily grind, at the gym, being the best person on that date, with his head down working on his craft, studying, sharpening his skills, working on a business.

We proudly wear and share our clothing for those moments that build our character. That strengthen our stature.

We encourage you to keep dreaming, building, and looking great while you're at it.

The best has yet to come,

Your friends at GentlemanToBe

Who is GentlemanToBe?

Created in October 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii. We built GentlemanToBe for the Modern Man - One who looks and feels sharp for any occasion. 

We believe people should express themselves how they want and not "go with the flow" in life. Our clothing stays on top of worldwide trends and goes much further in presentation than your simple outfit. 

Our goal is to offer men a better way to express and apply themselves in life, feeling more confident, and having the quality we look for in clothes without spending excessively in the process.

Where are our stores located?

Online, right here! We decided to keep our store exclusively online to offer you the BEST prices. By focusing online, we save costs on leasing, having fewer employees, and offering a greater reach to customers (like you!) all over the world. What this means for you is that you pay LOWER PRICES and we want to keep it that way 

How do we design our clothes? 

We design clothing beyond your simple outfit and find inspiration from worldwide, trending styles that stand out. 

Each product line is made in small batches for high attention to detail. We offer a variety of styles for the occasions that people spend most of their time doing - Lounging, exercise, running errands, hanging out with friends, casual events, dating, etc.


Our clothing is priced well below designer clothing and kept low because we focus exclusively online. You pay for quality, not the brand. As GentlemanToBe becomes a more recognized brand, we will still keep the prices the same - that is our promise to you. 



Our Brand Ambassadors

GentlemanToBe represents confident expression and following one's purpose in life. Our ambassadors show this on a daily basis

Steve Kris - Professional Fitness Model

Lil Rot - Musician and Public Figure  
Shane Crommer
Shane Crommer - Professional Fitness Model
Joss Mooney - Professional model and entrepreneur
Vitaly Z - YouTube and Social Media Star, entrepreneur
Hiiikey - Dancer and Public Figure
David Hamlin - Athlete and Entrepreneur
Drew Kendrick - Lifestyle Model, Creative Director, and Producer
Gil Soares - Professional Fashion and Fitness Model, Real Estate Agent, and Entrepreneur


Why did we choose them?

We only choose brand ambassadors from those that message us first. It shows confidence and certainty that our products match their lifestyle.

Our ambassadors are selected because they show passion and excellence in their chosen field, which can only be developed by hours and hours of diligence in applying themselves in life.

They are confident in their presentation and expression. And, because of that, they grow and lead their followers through their journey to success.

Want to become a brand ambassador? DM us on Instagram @gentlemantobe or email us at anna@gentlemantobe.com

Why GentlemanToBe?

  • We only offer modern styles supporting our image that are inspired by worldwide trends
  • All products made with high quality fabric from Turkey, one of the leading countries in textiles
  • Our clothing is made in small, quantity amounts with the highest attention to detail
  • Priced fairly - well below designer clothing - you pay for quality, not the brand
  • Offering Express Shipping (1-3 day delivery to US/Europe) at no cost for orders over $99


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